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Welcome To The Cathedral!

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Bishop-Designate Dr. Darnell Gooch, Jr., Pastor & Dr. Davin D. Clemons, Chief Operating Officer

I greet you in the name that is above every name and that is the name of Christ Jesus. It is my sincere pleasure to welcome our church members and visitors to experience the Cathedral. The Apostle Paul wrote in Acts 11:21 saying, " And the hand of the Lord was with them, and a large number who believed turned to the Lord. I am so honored that you have joined us to celebrate and witness what the Lord has done for us as we celebrate "our Church."

Over the years we have elevated together and with this elevation have afforded us as the church opportunities to walk under an open heaven. We have really been blessed and richly rewarded with connections, resources and we're forever indebted to our Presiding Bishop Oliver Clyde Allen, III, First Gentleman Rashad Burgess and national church, the United Progressive Pentecostal Church Fellowship. First Gentleman, Dr. Davin Clemons, and I have a reason to smile and what we can say is thank you for the years that you have allowed me to serve as the pastor of this great church. Thank you for loving us in our imperfections and in our willingness to serve you and our community. May the grace of God be upon you and the love of God smile in all of our endeavors as we do ministry together.

Humbly written,

Bishop-Designate Darnell Gooch, Jr.,DMin.


Transforming the
Memphis Culture

"Learn to be still when God says be still. Every move isn't yours to make. Some moves God has to make even when it hurts!"

+Bishop-Designate Dr. Darnell Gooch, Jr., Pastor

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Founded in 2012, the Cathedral as it is affectionately known as is a welcoming, inclusive and multiracial Progressive Pentecostal church founded and pastored by Bishop-Designate Darnell Gooch, Jr. Since its inception, it has grown to 300 plus members on roll. The Cathedral is a safehaven where the Holy Spirit empowers all people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class or background. 

The Cathedral operates as a Christian church that's filled with praise, power and progress under the guidance of its pastor. It's mission is to transform the Memphis culture. Our church is deeply rooted in the community and strives to do justice, love mercy, defend the poor, and liberate the oppress. 

Church Demographics: Our church is unapologetic in how we do ministry and brings together all people from all walks of life and denominations to engage in worship, work in ministry, and serve the world as we serve the Lord together. Our ministries include: Music Department, Creative Arts & Worship, Transforming the Track Outreach, Joshua's Army, SWAT, Tender Mercy (Transgender Ministry), Hospitality Ministry and so much more.

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Cathedral of Praise Church of Memphis, Inc.

561 S. Prescott Street

Memphis, TN 38111

located inside Buntyn Presbyterian Church


Tel: 901-458-8271

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Ministry Opportunites

To apply for a job with Cathedral of Praise Church of Memphis, Inc., please send a cover letter together with your resume to: office@cathedralmemphis.org